Startup Story:- Yoboshu Cares, Say Bye Bye to Dieting

Yoboshu Cares is a Chandigarh-based Startup running by Shivanshi Verma & Sandeep Kumar, Shivanshi Verma recently passed out from IIT Ropar.

She is a co-founder of Yoboshu, Shivanshi started her very first company which was based on a hyper-local based delivery model. She met with her co-founder, Sandeep Kumar, who was pursuing BTech in Aerospace from Anna University.

After 4 months of operations, it failed then she started the next startup with Sandeep Kumar in the third year of engineering Yoboshu Cares.

Let’s talk about App

Yoboshu Cares uses psychology to help people lose weight & become healthy without Dieting- It’s fun and effective – Takes only 5-10 mins a day – Builds lifelong healthy habits.

How does Yoboshu Works??

Stage 1:- In stage one, with the help of artificial intelligence, understand what is the behavior of the user, what is bad habits, and which are good habits.

Stage 2:- Then starts the second phase, Cutting-Edge AI in this stage they ask questions to user based on his behavior.

Stage 3:- Gamification & Rewards, every day they give some tasks to complete. almost 5-10 mins every day. using this algorithm they change the behavior of humans lifelong.

Ultimate Science behind Yoboshu

“विचार” of Founders

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