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The trio got their wolf back from the clutches of Anisha but she is back with the not-so-alluring marriage package. Still, the wolfpack decides to give his man the time of his lifetime by arranging a bachelor’s party in the hills but the tables are turned,

When Anisha and her father also decide to go to the same hill station. What follows is a game of hiding and seek and outrageous gags. Will Arjun be caught and have to face the fury of Anisha? Let’s find out.

Veer Vs Heer Returns Top Cast | Harsh Beniwal

  • Harsh Beniwal as Nitin
  • Purav Jha as Neel
  • Mohit Chhikara as Arjun
  • Shivam Bajpai as Mukesh
  • Gaurav Arora as Hotel Manager
  • Gagan Jangid as Sikka
  • Vishal Sharma as Anisha’s Father
  • Meghana Yadav as Anisha
  • Anmol Prasher as Insurance Guy
  • Amit om malik as Police Officer
  • Akriti Bajpai as Spa girl 1
  • Nandini Sharma as Spa girl 2
  • Jasmine Matta as Spa girl 3

Veer Vs Heer Returns Reviews | Harsh Beniwal


Veer Vs Heer Returns Release Date | Harsh Beniwal

10 August 2022 – Wednesday

Veer Vs Heer Returns | Full Video | Harsh Beniwal

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